The Seed That Formed The Garden of Eva

Our founder, Eva Thorne, was born and raised in New York City. But her mom, Tina, was born
and raised on a farm in the Blue Ridge mountains, in Roanoke, Virginia. She moved to New
York City and wanted to get back in touch with her southern roots. Feeling forced to buy an
overpriced jar of pickled watermelon rind in a gourmet shop was the trigger for Tina to go on a
canning and preserving rampage that lasted for years. Eva grew up canning and preserving
with her family, making lots of chow chow and pickled watermelon rind (among other things)
along the way.

Her own experiences in the kitchen with her mother gave Eva her passion for food and became
part of her inspiration for The Garden of Eva. But it wasn’t until Eva was living in Boston,
Massachusetts that the vision was formed. She was waiting for the pan-Asian supermarket to
open; she planned to buy unwaxed lemons to preserve for a Moroccan tagine that she wanted
to make. Somehow Eva’s childhood experiences of pickling and preserving with her mom
connected with her global travel in that parking lot.  The seed for the Garden of Eva as a
company that makes pickles inspired by the world's food cultures was planted in that moment.
We are just starting but our vision is pretty big. We are working on sourcing and sustainability in
some pretty cool ways. Watch this space for more!
​Join us in our garden!