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American Southern Chow Chow

American Southern Chow Chow

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This is a staple throughout the American South. Those of us with roots in the south put this sweet  and tangy pickled relish on everything from pinto beans (any beans, really!) to any leafy green vegetable (kale, spinach, Swiss chard, turnip greens, mustard greens, spring greens, cabbage, and collard greens). Green beans, brussel sprouts – pretty much any vegetable – come alive with a spoonful of chow chow. It makes a great topping for any kind of burger, sausages, and hot dogs. Try it with fried chicken, roasted chicken, and fish. You can even mix it with sour cream for a great dip! 

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    The great Julius Casear gave pickles to his troops because he was convinced that they made them strong in battle.


    Check out this zingy little jam at any Whole Foods Market in London, UK! In a few months orders will be able to be made on the online store! Please bear with us. For now, head to Whole Foods Market to grab your jar!

Spice up your greens with a tablespoon of our chow chow!

According to the judges at Great Taste awards, "the honeyed flavour combined with the jellied texture of the watermelon against the sharpness of the pickle was quite extraordinary".